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wanwandrew's News

Posted by wanwandrew - January 11th, 2016

Be a good pal and tell me happy birthday, unlike a majority of my friends! :^( Please?

Posted by wanwandrew - April 1st, 2014

I had no idea they weighed stuff in inches now! Or is it just toilet paper..? Someone please explain.. Anybody?4072775_139638953722_weightpaper.png

Posted by wanwandrew - March 29th, 2014

Previously, I made a news post about the wreck I was in. Here are some pictures for you, in case you wanted to see with your eyeholes.


Posted by wanwandrew - March 24th, 2014


Mysterious Syrian bathroom wall writings. I'm still not sure what JEFF is.

Posted by wanwandrew - March 20th, 2014

This morning would have been perfectly normal for me.. It's a Thursday. When the hell do things go wrong on Thursdays??

It was a bright and sunny (too fucking sunny and too fucking bright- might I add) day and I was rushing off for school at around 7:55, because I enjoy living life on the edge. Of course, being the naturally fantastic citizen of America I am, I was going the speed limit. Unfortunately, fogged windows are very anti-american. This, a blinding sun (praise it!), and a grapple truck that blended in with no warning signs was a horrible way to start the day. Anyways, the right corner of the grapple truck decided it wanted to be my passenger, so it jumped through my windshield and wedged one half of my car under itself. Then a really bitchy white girl ran into the back of my car. However, she decided she would go to school after the wreck. I decided I would stay home and play Dark Souls 2. Who was the real winner here?

tl;dr: I got in a wreck and nearly died. Totaled my car. Also Dark Souls 2 is fun.

Posted by wanwandrew - March 8th, 2014

A week or two ago I began learning how to code in Javascript. Yay! At first it seemed like it would be a useful thing to know, but now I'm having trouble seeing what I could actually do with such a skill.. Now, I don't want to stop learning Javascript because I've already started- better to waste more time and learn something new than to waste less time and not gain anything. I guess I might as well finish it off.. But what can I do with this knowledge?? Would a different language have been more beneficial?

Posted by wanwandrew - January 26th, 2013

But I've still got nothing to say. You can check out my shitty new song, or not.. You can also comment and remind me of how worthless I am. On an unrelated note, I'm getting cable internet this Monday. Yeyyy. <3

Posted by wanwandrew - December 21st, 2012

Just like it on Facebook. This is getting really pathetic for me. xD I honestly have no more to say. http://cur.lv/d2m4

Posted by wanwandrew - December 3rd, 2012

Because I am a like whore that's why. :c Go like my page... gahh.. https://www.facebook.com/WelfareGatorade

Posted by wanwandrew - November 7th, 2012

With Obama in office again, it looks like you're gonna need some Welfare Gatorade. lol. Go check us out on Facebook. :3 AND LIKE THE DAMN PAGE. We're so lonely.. :c http://www.facebook.com/WelfareGatorade