A Great Day to Almost Die

2014-03-20 22:27:49 by wanwandrew

This morning would have been perfectly normal for me.. It's a Thursday. When the hell do things go wrong on Thursdays??

It was a bright and sunny (too fucking sunny and too fucking bright- might I add) day and I was rushing off for school at around 7:55, because I enjoy living life on the edge. Of course, being the naturally fantastic citizen of America I am, I was going the speed limit. Unfortunately, fogged windows are very anti-american. This, a blinding sun (praise it!), and a grapple truck that blended in with no warning signs was a horrible way to start the day. Anyways, the right corner of the grapple truck decided it wanted to be my passenger, so it jumped through my windshield and wedged one half of my car under itself. Then a really bitchy white girl ran into the back of my car. However, she decided she would go to school after the wreck. I decided I would stay home and play Dark Souls 2. Who was the real winner here?

tl;dr: I got in a wreck and nearly died. Totaled my car. Also Dark Souls 2 is fun.


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2014-03-21 22:05:21

lol sorry bro. :)