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Almost felt like an Apple commercial. lol. Good work though! The animation was clean and quick, the message came across quite well, and you successfully brought us a joke about a topic before it became stale and overused. I am impressed. 5/5 and 4.5 stars. Keep these animations coming, and I'll be back to watch them!

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I love the style that is used in all of BarfQuestion's animations and art. 10/10

Ha! Every time I watch this, it gets a little bit more humorous. I can't think of any advice to give, as this is very well done. I am now giving you five stars. BOOP.

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Best. Game. Since. Sliced. Bread. I especially loved the part where you die. But I also loved the part where you can try again. 5/5 No sense in asking you to improve this since it is clearly at the peak of awesomeness! :D

Great game. Ultimately better than I expected. The lag needs a lot of work, however that won't stop me from loving this game!! (Really though, some parts were barely playable due to lag.. Fix it best as possible.) Loved the controls, loved the graphics, loved everything.

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It is indeed a different kind of flash than I'm used to seeing in Newgrounds, but it did strike me as entertaining for a while. At first, I thought it would just be real easy and stay that way, but around level 6 I was so confused. :p lol. Great game. Hope it gets saved!

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I have to say, this was great. I'm confused, but this was awesome. *This: Your voice, this voice reel, etc.

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This is a pretty sick graphic. Nice! Can't help but keep staring at it.

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